Favorite EPs of 2010

I will update the site over the next few weeks with my favorite albums, songs, and labels.    I am going to start with my longstanding belief that favorite album compilations should lag by two years for two primary time constraining reasons:  to address the staying power of the album and to acquire a suitable number of fine albums.

So, let’s start with 2010.

I bought 48 EPs in 2010.   It seemed like a lot of EPs to me.  It turns out it is.  It is 7 more EPs that i have from any other single year.    Even more impressive is the fact that with the exception of 2009, every year is less than 27.    So, 48 is a lot of EPs for me.

Also, I decided to list every EP that had average song rating greater than 4, since they would all be worthy of mentioning and buying.   I have 13 EPs that earned that distinction.

Using my album formula, here were my favorite 13 EPs in 2010:

1.  Mixtapes’ A Short Collection of Short Songs (Animal Style) – 9.760


2.  Jazz Hands’ The Party EP (Death to False Hope) – 9.677


3.  Mixtapes/Direct Hit! Split EP (Kind of Like Records) – 9.674


4.  Annabel’s Here We Are Tomorrow (Tiny Engines) – 9.451


5.  Cloud Nothings’ Leave You Forever (True Panther Sounds) – 9.334


6.  For Hours and Ours’ On A Weekend EP (Ground Records) – 9.257


7.  Cattle Drums’ The Boy Kisser Sessions (Bandcamp) – 9.251


8.  Mixtapes’ Thought About Growing Up (Death to False Hope) – 9.187


9.  Sun Kil Moon’s I’ll Be There (Caldo Verde) – 9.143


10.  The Tallest Man on Earth’s Sometimes the Blues is Just a Passing Bird (Dead Oceans) – 9.058


11.  Wavelets’ Friends Followed by Actions (Self Released) – 9.049


12.  Gospel Music’s Duettes (Fierce Panda) – 8.822


13.  RVIVR’s Dirty Water (Yoyo) – 8.311


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