Favorite Songs of 2009

Here are my favorite songs of 2009 (top ten out of 1704 songs released in 2009)   The list of favorite songs is driven by two factors:  1) must be 5 stars and 2) highest play count.   The list is heavily influenced by songs that my wife or kids like.   I obviously had to still rate the song high, but if the family likes it the play count will be highest.    So, the list is most accurately described as the household’s favorite songs of 2009.

1. About My Girls by Dominant Legs (from the Dominant Legs Demos) – 94 times

2. Serious Bedtime by the Balconies (from their self titled album) – 82 times

3.Cross Oceans by First Aid Kit (from Drunken Trees) – 61 times

4. Virgina Creeper by Young Governor (from the Virgina Creeper 7″) – 54 times

5. Fables by the Dodos (from Time to Die) – 49 times

6.Help Yourself by Sad Brad Smith (from Up In the Air Soundtrack) – 47 times

7. 9/11 Free Jazz Band by Coma Cinema (from Baby Prayers) – 45 times

8. DCG Down a Step by Kind of Like Spitting (from Songs about Zombies & Trust Issues) – 45 times

9. The Breeze/My Baby Cries by Bill Callahan (from Loving Takes This Course) – 45 times

10. Heartilation by The Andrew Jackson Jihad (from Can’t Maintain) – 44 times



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