Updated All Time Favorite Record Labels

What a difference a year makes.  Last year after I posted my all time favorite record labels, I went out and bought a lot more albums from labels that ranked high but had few albums. I also continue to rank music resulting in some movement.

The updated list of all time favorite record labels is posted here.

Here are the changes…

New Additions

From out of the top 10 to the number 1 spot:  Plan It X Records


Out of the top 10 to the number 7 spot:  Bandcamp (not quite a traditional label, but close enough for this list)



Exits from the Top 10

Was Number 7.  Hush Records (9.410) –> Now 16 (9.070)

  • WAS:  I only have 6 artists, 8 full lengths, and 98 songs on Hush.  What gets Hush into the top ten is the high quality of the releases that I do own.  Of the 8 full lengths, 1 is a 5 star album and 3 are 4 star albums.   50%  of albums good/great is one of the best ratios for any label.  My favorite album is definitely a Kind of Like Spitting album (one of my favorite bands).   Current stats say In the Red.  The other important artist on their label is Super XX Man.  I have not bought a release from Hush since 2007.
  • NOW:  Added 1 artist, 3 full lengths, 80 new songs from Hush since last update (40 still unrated).  None of the albums were 4 or 5 star albums.   Dropping Hush down a few spots.

Was Number 8.  XL Records (9.318) –> Now 15 (9.075)


  • WAS:  I have 14 artists, 7 full lengths, and 94 songs from XL.  My favorite album is Vampire Weekend’s self titled.   My favorite artists are Vampire Weekend and Titus Andronicus.   I did not buy a single album from XL in 2011.
  • NOW:  Added 4 artists, 4 full lengths, and 48 songs.    Rating of new adds brought down the overall average.  Still only one 5-star album and one 4-star album.

The rest of the labels shuffled a bit, but all remained in top ten.   See the whole list here.

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