Favorite Albums of 2009

Using my album formula, here are my favorite albums from 2009:

1. Curtis Harvey’s Box of Stones (Fat Cat Records) – 9.599

2.  Vacations’ I was Bikini /But Ran Afraid (Self Released) – 9.544

3. Real Estate’s Self Titled (Woodist) – 9.429

4.  Owen’s Seaside (Polyvinyl) – 9.346

5. Andrew Jackson Jihad’s Can’t Maintain (Asian Man) – 9.336

 6. Bombadil’s Tarpits & Canyonlands (Ramseur) – 9.256

7.  Israel Darling’s Dinosaur Bones & Mechanical Hands (Engine Room) – 9.185

8.  Matt & Kim’s Grand (Nettwerk) – 9.166

9. Modest Mouse’s No One’s First And You’re Next (Epic) – 9.095

10. Cheap Girls’ My Roaring 20s (Paper + Plastic) – 9.018


2 thoughts on “Favorite Albums of 2009

  1. Sally, I am so glad to hear that you liked the chairs….I actually am inspired to do some more…..however, I bought myself a GORGEOUS grouping of red tulips yesterday and I'm painting them right now so the chairs must wait. I think that I'm going through a 'red' phase with all this white snow everywhere!I'll have to do more videos of the studio.Flora

  2. My new favorite non-ITP carry gun is the SIG P239 in 9mm… it fits great in any and every IWB holster I’ve tried (they all seem comfy with this pistol) and barely noticeable in a Galco Concealable OWB holster (which is easily covered by a t-shirt)… It may end up being my winter carry too!

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