2011 in Music

Here are the facts on 2011 in music:

  • Currently my fifth favorite year in music (out of 58 years of which I own music)
  • I bought 134 albums.
  • Average album rating is 3.53
  • I have 1969 songs released in 2011 (3rd most) and have rated all of them
  • I listened to each song released in 2011 on average 18 minutes.
  • I have listened to music released in 2011 for over 25 days straight (that’s right more than 600 hours)
  • I listened to each song on average 5.69 times.

The 2011 Lists…

3 thoughts on “2011 in Music

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  2. Les décennies ça commence au 01 et ça finit au 10 (ou au 00), donc son record tient quand même, même s'il ne sert pas à grand chose .Sinon Youzhny c 'est aussi le spécialiste de Gilles Simon, il le bat à chaque fois qu'il le rencontre. Il aime bien les français décidément 😉

  3. i have to admit…the vast amount of haters provide enough fuel to like him. okay, so he designs objects with his stylistic form elements present..but there is way worse stuff out there that average people buy which has no life expectancy or has no narrative associated to it with no purpose in enhancing an individuals life… and I know i`m going to take flack for this one…but he does a serious amount of consideration and thinking even though this objects are "karim`d"…

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