Favorite EPs of 2014

The EPs of 2014 were a spectacular list.   I bought 48 EPs released in 2014 and narrowing it down to my favorites proved to be an enjoyable challenge.   I decided to set the bar at an average song rating greater than 4.  This left off 8 other notable EPs that had average song rating of 4.   In a shorter format, I felt the higher average necessary otherwise a single great song could catapult an EP into this distinguishable class.

The list below is the top 10 (using my album formula for ranking), all worth buying…

1. The Front Bottoms Rose (Bar/None) – 9.755

2. Prawn/Joi De Vivre Split EP (Topshelf) – 9.684

3.  Antarctigo Vespucci’s I’m So Tethered (Asian Man) – 9.269

4. Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate)/Joi De Vivre Split EP (Count Your Lucky Stars) – 9.237

5. Bonnie Prince Billy’s Barely Regal EP (Drag City) – 9.073

6.  Little Fires’s Seft Titled (Bandcamp) – 9.007

7.  I Kill Giants’ No One Will Ever Leave You (Broken World) – 8.858

8.  Nana Grizol’s Nightlights (Bandcamp) – 8.735

9. Sundowner’s Little Elephant Sessions (Fat Wreck Chords) – 8.678

10. Annabel / Dowsing Split EP (Count Your Lucky Stars) – 8.447