2011 Prediction – Best Songs

I still believe that you need 2 years to fully evaluate the music of the year, but I would feel remiss if I did not at least offer my guesses at the top songs.

Here are my guesses for the top songs of 2011:

1.   Hey Baby by the Mixtapes (from Castle Songs) – 119 times

2.   January & Seven by Signals Midwest (from Latitudes and Longitude) – 55 times

3.   Rhode Island by the Front Bottoms (from self titled) – 54 times

4.   Happy Banjo from the Dark Mean (from self titled) – 49 times

5.   High Hawk Season from the Mountain Goats (from All Eternals Deck) – 47 times

6.   So High by Ringo DeathStarr (from Colour Trip) – 41 times

7.   Future Crimes by Wild Flag (from self titled) – 40 times

8.   Love to Get Used by Matt Pond PA (from Spring Fools) – 37 times

9.   Coldest Days by the Rural Alberta Advantage (from Departing) – 37 times

10.   Cold Ground by East River Pipe (from We Live in Rented Rooms) – 36 times

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