Favorite Songs of 2010

Here are my favorite songs of 2010 (top ten out of 2083 songs released in 2010)   The list of favorite songs is driven by two factors:  1) must be 5 stars and 2) highest play count.   The list is heavily influenced by songs that my wife or kids like.   I obviously had to still rate the song high, but if the family likes it the play count will be highest.   My top 8 songs were all on my kids favorites playlist.   With that said, I think all 10 of these songs are awesome.

1.  Finish With Starting by Hoquiam from self titled – 145 listens


2.  Cynicism by Nana Grizol from Ruth – 127 listens


3.  Edge of Living by RVIVR from self titled – 107 listens


4.  What to Say by Born Ruffians from Say It – 105 listens


5.  On and Ever Onward by Bjork & the Dirty Projectors from Mount Wittenberg Orca – 101 listens

Bjork + Dirty Projectors- Mount Wittenberg Orca V2

6.  Soups Whatever by Mixtapes from A Short Collection of Short Songs – 101 listens


7.  Music Work Paper Work by Everyone Everywhere from self titled – 99 listens


8.  Car Keys by Hoquiam from self titled – 93 listens


9.  Blue Cool by Paul Baribeau from Unbearable – 89 listens


10.  Galaxies by Nana Grizol from Ruth – 85 listens


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